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Out-Post Logo

November 10, 1997

Today I have added logos to each of the sections of my page, instead of using the general logos. If anyone was wondering, that is my face on the Emperor's Royal Guard figure. I did this easy custom yesterday. I know that my face might be hard to make out, but I wanted to keep the file small to increase download times. I have also completed the Stamps section of my page, take a look and see what you think.

December 16, 1997

WOW!!! Can you believe it, I have finally updated my page. I have been busy with school and finals (as most of you can understand). I have added pics from the Cincinnati Convention in the "Convention" section of the page. I also added links to two of my favorite sites. Enjoy the pics--compliments of GT, and make sure to vist the Poodoo palace and to chat Star Wars with me at Jadesfire. See you there!