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Experience with the Defense Contract Audit Agency
  • Solicitation Review
  • Proposal Analysis
  • Negotiations
  • System Reviews (i.e. accounting, estimating)
  • Operations Audits-determining efficiency, effectiveness and economy of operations (i.e. Quality Assurance, Engineering, Manufacturing, Inventory Scheduling & control)
  • Risk Management (i.e. Risk Assessment, Frequency and Severity Analysis, Resource Availability). To ensure continuity of operations when faced with natural/man made disasters)
  • Post-Award Reviews-Truth in Negotiations Act (Defective Pricing Reviews)
  • Overhead Pools and Bases
  • Fraud, Waste and Abuse Investigations
  • Cost Accounting Standards-Disclosure Statements
  • Billings to the Government (avoid False Claims and False Statements allegations)
  • Reimbursement of allowable incurred costs
  • Termintaion Claims
  • Final Contract Closings
  • FAR and DFAR familiarity

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